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EU funding opportunities for Youth

The European Union offers you funding opportunities for your ideas. Here you can find what funding platforms are out there.

Applying to them is a bit more complicated so we have a dedicated article about it here.

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Erasmus is the best funding you can get during your studies. It is a programme that offers you the opportunity to study in a different country with financial aid from the European Union.

The great thing about it is that you can go only for one semester in a different country, study there and validate the grades you get there, in your own country.

The grants offered by EU differ from country to country, but usually are from 350 to 700Euros/month, usually enough to cover your living expenses.

We have a lot of testimonials in our website of students who studied with Erasmus+ and got the best experience of their life with it. You can see them here.

You can find more information in your University at the International Relations office. Almost all EU universities take part in this programme.

Or you can visit the Erasmus+ website for more information using the button below.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

This program is dedicated to young entrepreneurs (the program also funds the wanna be ones). It offers funding (from 500-1100Euro/month) so you can learn from a mature entrepreneur in your industry about running a business.

If you want to open a business or already have, you can connect with an entrepreneur from your industry and be mentored by him/her at the expense of EU. A great thing about the programme is that you don’t have to have a business opened and you are not obliged to open one after the programme ends.

If you want to learn more about a specific industry, you can do it directly from an entrepreneur. You get paid by the EU to get a great learning and traveling experience in other words. We deeply recommend you to try it.

You can find more about the programme by clicking the button below.

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European Youth Portal

European Youth Portal should be a go to website in which you can find most of the opportunities that the European Union offers to you.

With the platform you can find volunteering, working, traveling opportunities and many more. In it you can find educational articles and growth possibilities.

We recommend adding this website to your bookmarks and use it to get free resources or access grants when they are available.

Go check the portal using the button below.

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Horizon 2020

This is the biggest funding platform from Europe. Using it the EU offers to universities, businesses or NGO’s money to research or develop new technologies.

You can use this platform to get funding for your ideas and make the Europe a better place. We recommend you to access the dedicated platform and see what ideas can you get funding for. 

The platform is very complex and has a lot of information but is very helpful. Go check it using the button below!

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Environment and climate action (LIFE)

LIFE is an awesome project made by EU that supports nature conservation, climate action and  environment safety.

If you want to do something to save the environment and Earth, you can get funding using this program. You can find the list with open programs using to button below.