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How EU helped me boost my career

My name is Corneliu and I am currently working as a trainee in the European Parliament. Although I am only 23 years old, my journey with the European Union started a long time ago, in 2013, when I was volunteering for World Vision Foundation and I participated in a conference organised by the European Commission. Who would have thought that 7 years later I would be in Brussels again, working for a European institution?

I can honestly say that I am fascinated by the European Union and by all the opportunities that it has brought to our lives and this is why I would like to share some of my experiences. During university, I discovered Erasmus+ youth exchanges and I took part in three of them, one in Italy, on the topic of migration and migrants rights, one in Spain, on the topic of local heritage as a tool for entrepreneurship and one in France, which addressed the subject of mass media.

Also, during college, I joined the Radicalisation Awareness Network, which is a network of frontline or grassroots practitioners from around Europe who work daily with people who have already been radicalised, or who are vulnerable to radicalisation. RAN young, the branch in which I took part, is a project subordinated to RAN and involves young people in the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism. I have participated in three of their meetings, one in Budapest, one in Stockholm and one in Nice.

I believe these were wonderful events, in which I learned a lot about various topics and in which I met great and like-minded people, some of whom I still keep in touch with. I think these were a really important stepping stone in my career and also that they had a great impact on my personal development. Besides this, I had the chance to travel around the world and to see beautiful places which I might have never seen without these projects. To be honest, it was these projects that started my appetite for travel and I can happily say that I have visited more than half of the European countries.

The fact that Romania entered the European Union might have been the greatest thing that happened in our country in recent history. For me, the European Union has brought great improvements both professionally and in my day to day life. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to try and benefit from all its projects and tools, because they can significantly make our lives better.

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Article written by Corneliu Bichinet

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