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13 reasons why you should volunteer in EU as a teenager

It is said that volunteering can reduce stress and can help your body release endorphins, which is the happiness hormone. You may wander : how in the world can volunteering make me more cheerful? Well, let me tell you some of the reasons your face will look more like a waterfall of smiles. Let’s dive into the real stuff and keep swimming!

  1. You make new friends 
  2. You gain experience in one industry or another 
  3. You can help someone in need
  4. You get to experience the “adult “ lifestyle somehow
  5. You get free coffee, tea or treats
  6. You get to attend important events which may be exclusive and you can meet celebrities 
  7. You realize life is not about you, but the people you surround yourself with 
  8. You can enroll in different courses for free
  9. You may practice a foreign language or even learn a new one
  10. Develop all sorts of skills
  11. You may have access to all sort of places like gyms, libraries, cafeterias and others
  12. You make your CV richer and you may meet your future employer this way
  13. You fill in your free time in a productive way

For sure there are more benefits than these, but many advantages depend on the company or institution you volunteer at. Personally, I have been part of a non-profit organization all throughout my high school and my college years. The amount of knowledge and experience I acquired is just mind-blowing and I would choose to do it again in a heartbeat. I made a lot of international friends, learned new languages and developed my negotiating and social skills.

The European Union has a platform called European Youth Portal where you can find volunteering opportunities. Go check the website out! It will really help you have an awesome experience while contributing to the society.

So don’t hesitate! Just go volunteer and you won’t regret it!

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