three young people woth phones and on top it says stoy from hong kong to europe

From Hong Kong to Europe

*Roy Choi is a Hong Kong student who visited Europe with the Erasmus+ programme. Here is what he had to say about his experience:

“Life is a journey, and my journey was thousands of miles away from my home for half year. Me, the average Hong Kong student, saw the snow for the very first time when I arrived in Finland, as an exchange student supported by the EU Erasmus+ program.

The journey was fun everywhere, simply drinking hot water can be a magic show for my fellow Europeans (yes, we drink hot water without adding anything in it), while undoubtedly believing pineapple is common for pizza can disgust my fellow friends. (particularly the Italian ones-haha).

I always knew the world is big, but it is even bigger than I thought when I arrived in Europe. For the first time in my life, I got to enjoy the peace in a lake, melting myself in a sauna or getting drunk in a club (student life). For the first time, I got debating with a Spanish about whether King Carlos was a great King, discussing the evil European dictators with a wise friend while having Burger King and so much more.

For the first time, I saw a different world, in which women would not be judged, or gossiped by others, children of different nationalities would not be separated by their parents and the parliament would not be a puppet controlled by the privileged… EU is like a dream to me, the countries have no border, even the countries with historical entanglement stand together for shared value.

I really have to thank Europe for supporting my life with the Erasmus + programme (almost without conditions), for which I was prepared but wasn’t necessary. You have a really free environment.

Now in Hong Kong, people are fighting for freedom following the steps of the Eastern European countries struggle to free themselves from the communists. The dawn may be long years away, but until then, the EU with its values shall shine brightly as one of the stars
guiding the path of our miserable amidst darkness, here.

Ps: Drinking hot water is common in East Asia as it is traditionally believed to be healthy; Pineapple pizza is too common in the Western restaurants, making East Asian wrongly believe that pineapple is a common topping.”

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