The pros and cons of living abroad as an Erasmus

illustration of two travellers one man one woman next to the text: the pros and cons of living abroad as an Erasmus

Take a sip of tea or coffee and let me explain what moving abroad with an Erasmus scholarship really is. First of all, allow me to introduce you to the Erasmus world by telling you what is it and how it works. Bassically, Erasmus program is a project for students in Europe who want to […]

In France with the help of the EU

illustration of six people with french related design next to the text in France with the help of the EU

This article was written by Anastasia, a student that studied in France with the help of the Erasmus+ programme. Erasmus is by far the best experience I had during College. Even though I heard different opinions about this mobility before going, I can say that mine, was perfect in any way: financially, professionally, the free […]

Great experience in Greece with the help of the EU

illustration of greek houses with the text In greece with the help of the EU

My name is Pavel Cerlinca, from Romania and I am a student of Sacred Arts at the Orthodox Theology Faculty of Iași. Since my early years in gymnasium I was involved in educational experiences that were funded by the European Union. In my 8th grade, I went into an exchange programme in Lisbon, Portugal. Even […]

Erasmus in Belgium with the help of EU

important buildings in belgium like the atom and brudges with the text eramsus in belgium with the help of eu

Being an Erasmus student in Belgium was the best thing that ever happened to me in my student life. It happened in the second semester of my 2nd year of studies. I was supported by my home university as well as by my host university in Kortrijk all the way down to the end. People […]

From Hong Kong to Europe

three young people woth phones and on top it says stoy from hong kong to europe

*Roy Choi is a Hong Kong student who visited Europe with the Erasmus+ programme. Here is what he had to say about his experience: “Life is a journey, and my journey was thousands of miles away from my home for half year. Me, the average Hong Kong student, saw the snow for the very first […]