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We are here for you

We are a small team of young EU citizens who want to spread the word about the good things the European Union did for us.

Because of it our carreers got better and we had a much better life! The thing is that a lot of people got used with what the EU did for them and they undermine it. We want to pacefully and passionately promote what we got from EU! We want to focus on the young, because we are young and we know that we are the future of the European Union! If we build trust now, our future will be brighter.

We don’t do this for money, we are a couple of passionate people who either research and write articles by our own or “force” (haha) our peers who benefited form EU programs to share their story.

If you like what we do, consider reading this!

As we said, we don’t do this for money! If you do like what we do, consider sharing our articles with your peers. Let them know that EU is great and we with it most of our societies got better and stronger! Peace is the answer and we should stay together if we want to become better people!

Stay great! We really want to hear your opinion and feedback! Consider giving us a review on Facebook also!